About Us

My name is Mandi Hurst and I am the mother of a very sweet - and precocious - kindergartener named Cameron. We also welcomed our second son, Anderson, in January 2021  

Over the past 3 years in business, we have forged many great relationships and met a variety of very talented local makers - many of them moms. These local innovators make products that they use and test in their own households - they are the perfect designers for the best products available for moms and kids!

Mother Moose Boutique has partnered with several of these local moms and makers to offer a variety of unique, high-quality handmade items. We are able to offer these amazing and hard-to-find products at great prices.

With the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, most families have access to photos of custom one-of-a-kind products. The demand for these products is high - but so are most prices on Etsy (due to shipping fees). Due to the pandemic, the timeline to receive these items is also problematic for most local families.

At Mother Moose Boutique, we offer a huge selection of reasonably priced custom products that are designed in-house and manufactured within the Hyde Park area.

We also stock a range of products that we have found to be extremely useful in our time raising our own children. These curated items are selected based on quality, popularity and usability. While they are not locally made, these products have high value and affordability when compared to handmade options. 

We do our best to cater to every budget and offer the very best in quality and value.