About Us

My name is Mandi Hurst and I am the mother of a very sweet - and precocious - kindergartener named Cameron. Having lived in Toronto for the first year and a half of our son's life, my husband, Lionel, and I quickly became familiar with the local options for purchasing children's items. Between the boutiques and the big-brand stores, we had a difficult time finding high-quality LOCAL items. Even the high-end boutiques stocked a big selection of imported low-quality products at inflated prices. 

Over the past 2 years in business, we have forged many great relationships and met a variety of very talented local makers - many of them moms. These local innovators make products that they use and test in their own households - they are the perfect designers for the best products available for moms and kids!

Mother Moose Boutique has partnered with several of these local moms and makers to offer a variety of unique, high-quality handmade items. We are able to offer these amazing and hard-to-find products at great prices.

With the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, most families have access to photos of custom one-of-a-kind products. The demand for these products is high - but so are most prices on Etsy (due to shipping fees). At Mother Moose Boutique, we offer a huge selection of reasonably priced custom products that are designed in-house and manufactured within the Hyde Park area.

Come in for your unique experience and amazing finds today!