Easter Craft Kit Instructions

Thank you for purchasing our Locally Handmade Activity and Gift Kit!

In addition to your craft materials, we have also included:

  • Personalized Cinch Sack: Use washable markers(not provided) to decorate your canvas bag. Wash and repeat!
  • Custom Name Plush Peep (wash on cold and air dry).
  • Bunny Tail Keychain
  • Balloon Bunny Ear Headband (Push straw provided into the hole and blow air through to inflate. Remove straw once desired inflation is achieved. Re-inflate over and over again to prolong to the fun.)
  • Easter Activity Sheet

Below is our guide on what we think you can do with the things we have provided. We have included some extra materials and the instructions are in no particular order – do as you please and have fun with it!

We would LOVE to see what you have done with your craft kits – so please tag us in your social media posts on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to give shout-outs to your efforts!

Handprint Spring Flowers

Materials: Glue, Paint, Paint Brush, Foam Flower Stickers, Blank Canvas

  1. Peel backing from magnets and adhere to back of canvas. This will assist you in displaying your beautiful work.
  2. Paint your child’s hand from wrist to fingertips using green paint.
  3. Carefully place child’s hand over the canvas, press down and lift straight up.
  4. Have child paint soil or a planter at the bottom of their handprint and any other details they would like to add (ex. Sky with clouds). Allow to dry.
  5. Paint or dip fingers in colours of your choice and use fingerprints to form flowers along the top of the handprint fingers.

TIP: Younger children may choose to use the foam stickers to add blooms to the fingertips of their handprint.

Don’t forget to write child’s name and age on the canvas (we usually write on the wood frame on the back).

Easter Slime

Materials: Clear Slime, Glitter Packets

NOTE: This activity can get a bit messy – we recommend doing the activity on top of wax/parchment paper or in a large plastic bin.

  1. Remove slime from container and flatten out. Poor desired glitter into center of flattened slime and fold in.
  2. If slime is not stretchy (or slimy) enough, add in small amounts of hand lotion until desired texture is obtained.
  3. Clear slime is washable. If any is transferred to clothing or furniture, use warm water to dissolve.

Wooden Bunny Ornament

Materials: Paint, Brush, Wood Cut-out, Twine, Foam Stickers and Easter Stamp (if desired)

  1. Decorate your bunny using materials provided.
  2. Don’t forget to decorate both sides! Thread twine through hold to create a loop for hanging your creation.

Easter Egg Gnome

Materials: Small Plastic Egg, Knit Mini Hat, Fur Yarn, PomPom, Glue Dots, Glue Stick, Sciccors (not provided)

  1. Uncover and place glue dot on top of plastic egg. Press inside center of knit hat firmly onto glue dot to adhere to egg.
  2. Using glue stick, cover all visible surfaces of the plastic egg thoroughly. Pull knit hat down into place.
  3. Adhere a glue dot onto the plastic egg directly below the rim of the hat. Firmly press one end of the fur yarn to the exposed glue dot and wrap tightly around the sticky plastic egg. Take care to keep the “hairy” side of the yarn facing outwards.
  4. Once you have covered the egg completely with fur, trim as needed. Place another glue dot to the bottom center of the egg and press end of yarn firmly to adhere.
  5. Uncover top of glue dot and press pompom firmly to adhere. Peel remaining backing and press your pompom to the front center of your egg to create a nose for your gnome.

Tissue Chick

Materials: Construction Paper (Yellow or White), Paper Plate, Glue Stick, Pencil, Tissue Squares, Googly Eyes, Scissors (not provided)

  1. Fold Tissue paper in half. Carefully trace around hand to create a cutting guide for your wings. Be sure to add an inch to the wrist area to allow space for adhering to paper plate. Cut out hand shapes.
  2. Draw a triangle in the center of paper plate for your chick’s beak and designate two areas along bottom rim for feet. Glue googly eyes into place.
  3. Apply glue along the “wrist” area of hand cut-outs and adhere to back of the plate to create wings.
  4. Press the eraser side of pencil into the center of tissue square (one at a time) and squish upwards around the pencil. Dip center of tissue onto glue stick and press with pencil into place on plate and hand cut-outs.
  5. Use as many tissue squares as desired to create your unique fluffy chick.

TIP: For younger children, use the glue stick to coat the areas of the plate where tissue will be attached.

Foam Easter Eggs

Materials: Paint, Brush, Foam Stickers, Easter Stamp

  1. Decorate eggs using materials provided.

“Thumb” Bunny Easter Notes

Materials: Construction Paper, Glue Stick, Paint and Brush, Bunny Heads, PomPoms, Foam Stickers (if desired), Markers (not provided)

  1. Fold construction paper to create desired card shape and size.
  2. Use brush to coat thumb in desired paint colour and firmly press onto construction paper. Create 6 thumb prints at least 1” apart.
  3. Using brush, create bunny ears at the top of 3 thumb prints. Let dry completely.
    1. Glue bunny faces to the thumb prints without ears.
    2. Glue pompom tails to the thumb prints with painted ears.
  4. Write “Thumb Bunny Loves You” inside your card and address to your favourite Easter friend. Don’t forget to sign your work!

PomPom Bunny

Materials: Tissue Wrapped with Ribbon, PomPom, Bunny Face Sticker, Glue Dot, Paint and Brush (if desired)

  1. Gently unfold the tissue accordion and fluff to create round shape.

TIP: The next part is best done outside!

  1. Hang tissue ball from a low tree branch using ribbon loop.
  2. Dip brush and cover liberally with paint. Tap brush against finger or swing towards tissue ball to create a splatter effect and add your own unique flair. Let dry completely while suspended.
  3. Peel backing from bunny face sticker and place where desired. Peel one side to expose the clear glue dot and firmly press pompom onto it. Peel remaining backing and place pompom opposite the head to form a tail.