Christmas Elf Mischief Guide 2022

Christmas Elf Mischief Guide

Thank you for purchasing our 2022 Christmas Elf Mischief Kit!

This kit includes everything you need to have a fun (and easy) holiday tradition!

Feel free to follow our guide or mix and match accessories to create your own mischief. We would LOVE to see what you have done with your elf – so please tag us in your social media posts on Facebook (@CanadaMotherMoose) and Instagram (@mother_moose_boutique)! We’d love to give shout-outs to your efforts!

Below is our guide on what we think you can do with the things we have provided. They are in no particular order – do as you please and have fun with it!


Contents List (All Items are Miniature):

Inflatable Flamingo, Handmade Kid Safe Bath Bomb, Pop-It Keychain, Marshmallow Snowman Kit, Knitting Kit, Christmas Tree Outfit Kit, Hubba Bubba Kit, Cookie Baking Kit, Santa Cookie Tray Kit, Playdough Kit, Fishing Game Kit, Snowball Fight Champ Kit, Toast & Jam Kit, Wooden Reindeer Craft Kit, Mini Golf Kit, Wooden Blocks, Acrylic Candy Cane, Twine, Notepad, Snowflake Pencil, Sponge, Red Cup, Clear Cup, Straw, Bowl, Spoon, Umbrella, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Adhesive Rhinestones, Laminated Warning/Award Card, Popcorn Bag, Popcorn, Apron, Lego Pieces, Connect 3, Dry Erase Marker, Suction Cups, Adhesive Squares, Clear Adhesive Dots, Felt Santa Hat


We have included “Magic Dust” in a glass jar. If the Elf is accidentally touched, sprinkle the magic dust onto the elf with a note saying sorry. Christmas Magic will be renewed!

Elf Blows a Big Bubble

Materials: Pink Balloon, Hubba Bubba, Double-Sided Adhesive Square

Blow Balloon up to desired size and attach to Elf’s mouth using adhesive. Place bubble gum around the elf.  

Pro Tip: Use double-side adhesive to stick random objects to the balloon to make it look like items have become stuck to the gum.

Elf Knits a Scarf (2 Days)

Materials: Knitting kit, red cup

Prop Elf against a wall or cabinet sitting on the red cup. Place “knitting needles” in his hands (using tape or string).

Pro Tip: Make sure to put the elf in his new hat the day after he has been knitting!

Elf Has a Bath

Materials: Notepad, Hand Towel, Handmade Scent-Free Kid-Safe Bath Bomb (Ingredients: Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Rubbing Alcohol)

Wrap Elf in hand towel next to the bath. Leave a note “Saved a Bath Bomb for You!”.

Elf Goes Ziplining

Materials: Acrylic Candy Cane, String

Use the striped string to set up a zipline from one object to another. Tie or tape your elf to the candy cane and hang the candy cane along the string.

Pro Tip: Kitchen cabinet door handles work great for this activity and are easy to attach to. Feel free to add a favourite snack into the Elf’s hand (that he may have stolen out of a cupboard).

Elf Goes to the Moon

Materials: Rocket, Green Pipecleaner, Notepad, String or dental floss(not included)

Assemble rocket ship. Twist green pipecleaner on Elf’s head to look like alien antennae. Leave note “I went to Mars” or “Let’s go to the moon!”

Prop Tip: Hang your rocket using dental floss to make it look like its flying!

Elf Poses for a Selfie

Materials: Notepad, Pencil, Camera/tablet (not included)

Write “Selfie Time” on Clipboard. Prop Elf in front of a camera/tablet. Place the clipboard in his hands or next to camera/tablet.

Pro Tip: Hang your elf upside down using twine for extra fun. Don’t forget to actually take a photo (or a few different ones saved on the reel).

Elf Plays with a Pop-It

Materials: Christmas Card, Notepad, Pop-It

Prop Elf in the Christmas tree holding the Christmas card with the pop-it hanging from a nearby branch.

Pro Tip: Write “A Gift For You” on the Christmas card so your little one knows they can keep the pop-it.

Elf Goes for a Swim

Materials: Mini Pool Floaty, Notepad, Barbies (not included)

Fill the tub or a sink with water. Place elf in pool floaty and position bikini barbies around the edges. Write “Pool Party” on notepad and prop next to the edge.

Elf Leaves a Warning/Award (2 Days)

Materials: Laminated Warning Card, Dry Erase Marker

Fill out warning card using dry erase marker and prop in elf’s hand.

Pro Tip: For an extra special surprise, leave a reward sticker or a special treat.

Elf Builds a Marshmallow Snowman

Materials: Snowman Sign, Snowman kit

Stack the marshmallows on top of one another to form the snowman’s body. Push stick arms into middle marshmallow, attach carrot nose sticker and set hat on top.

Pro Tip: Sprinkle some powdered sugar, artificial snow or flour around the area, on the elf and onto the snowman.

Elf Has a Movie Night

Materials: Popcorn bag, popcorn, red cup and straw

Set elf up in front of the tv with the remote control, popcorn bowl in his lap and kernels strewn around him.

Pro Tip: Leave out a favourite Christmas DVD next to him so the kids can see what he was watching! Cover Elf up with a favourite blanket to keep him cozy and holding hands with a teddy bear “date”.

Elf Plays Golf

Materials: Candy Cane, Bell, Golf Green, Flag Toothpick, Notepad

Poke flag toothpick through golf green in desire place. Write “Hole in One!” on the notepad. Tie candy cane to elf’s hands to look like a golf club and prop up on the golf green.

Elf Plays Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

Materials: Reindeer Game, Glitter Stickers, Red Blindfold

Use the scarf as a blindfold, attach game to a wall or cabinet and prop elf up with a sticker on his hand. Don’t forget to put some extra stickers on the game!

Pro Tip: Include a favourite toy or doll in the game.

Elf Makes Cookies

Materials: Wooden Cookie Shapes, Apron, Mini Baking Tray, Bowl, Spoon

Put apron on and prop Elf up in the kitchen. Add extra magic by sprinkling some flour or brown sugar in the bowl and on the Elf.

Pro Tip: Set the elf up in a dollhouse or play kitchen and have him/her serving some friends.

Elf Steals Santa’s Cookie

Materials: “Santa” Cookie Tray, Gingerbread “Cookies”, Clear Glass, Carrot Nose (From Snowman Kit)

Set up mini cookie tray with carrot, glass of milk and gingerbread cookie.

Pro Tip: Break off a piece of one of the “cookies” to make it look like it was eaten.

Elf Plays Connect 3

Materials: Connect 3, Barbie/Doll/Dinosaur (Not Included)

Set elf across from a favourite toy or doll to play Connect 3.

Pro Tip: Put the Santa hat or recently knit hat on the toy Elf is playing against.

Elf Does Some Building

Materials: Miniature LEGO, Notepad

Write “Let’s Build!” on the clipboard. Prop elf next to regular sized building block/LEGO toys with his own miniature blocks in his hands.

Elf Becomes a Christmas Tree

Materials: Felt Tree Shapes, Tinsel, Star

Sandwich the Elf in the Felt shapes and string the tinsel through existing holes to attach.

Pro Tip: Prop some other toys around the Elf like they are doing the decorating and add some festive stickers to the felt tree form.

Elf Wins Snowball Fight Trophy

Materials: Snowballs, Trophy, Snowball Fight Sign

Prop elf with the trophy in his hands, sign next to him and snowballs around him.

Pro Tip: Set up some favourite toy figures/dolls as worthy adversaries in the snowball fight.

Elf Makes a “Sand Castle”

Materials: Red cup, brown sugar (not included)

Using the solo cup, form some brown sugar “towers” and arrange elf like he’s playing in the sand. Don’t have any brown sugar? Prop the elf with his hand in the granulated sugar dish along with his solo cup so he appears to be stealing the sugar

Pro Tip: Sprinkle sugar around the scene or bury your elf’s legs in “sand”

Elf Plays Snowball Tossing Game

Materials: Clear Cup, Pom Poms, Notepad

Sit elf approximately 6-8” away from the solo cup with some pom poms in his lap and some in the cup. Write up a miniature tally to show he has been keeping score of how many pom poms made it into the cup

Pro Tip: Let your kids try out the game and see how many times they can score!

Elf Plays with Miniature Playdough

Materials: Playdough kit

Turn popcorn box upside down to act as a table and prop the elf on the cup as a chair. Have playdough open and spread out with the accessories

Pro Tip: The wood shapes make great stamps! Make a little snowman out of balls of clay for fun!

Elf Pranks Family Photos

Materials: Dry erase marker

Using the dry erase marker, put some funny faces on glass photo frames with family photos. Prop Elf behind (or set in front of) one of the frames.

Pro Tip: Add some Rudolph noses with the glitter stickers from the Rudolph game.

Elf Goes Fishing

Materials: Fishing Game, Red Cup

Use string or adhesive square to affix fishing pole in Elf’s hand. Set red cup upside down as a chair and prop Elf next to the fishing game.

Elf Washes Up

Materials: Sponge, Red Cup, Soap and Water (Not Included)

Fill red cup with soapy water and attach sponge to elf’s hand (using adhesive square or string). Prop Elf on his knees and have him cleaning up a mess.

Pro Tip: Set Elf up on the toilet seat for extra laughs or set up a “car wash” with some toy cars.

Elf Goes Climbing

Materials: String, Suction cups

Using the striped string, attach the suction cups to your elf’s hands and feet. Wet the suction cup and stick to a window, glass door or picture frame

Pro Tip: Hang him upside down for extra laughs!

Elf Has Some Breakfast

Materials: Mini Toast, Jam Jar, Jam (Not Included), Cereal Bowl, spoon, Notepad, Cereal (Not Included),

Write “Yum!” on the notepad. Place some jam inside the small jar and on top of the toast and prop Elf up at the kitchen table with his bowl full of cereal. Place notepad nearby.

Pro Tip: Set Elf up in a dollhouse having his breakfast with some friends.

Elf Has Fun in the Freezer

Materials: Blanket, Wooden Blocks, String

Sometimes elves miss the North Pole! Make some space in your freezer for your elf and prop him up to play with his wooden blocks and string. Make sure to keep him cozy in his blanket!

Prop Tip: Leave your elf with a partially eaten freezie or popsicle for extra fun! The kids might need help finding the elf, so leave some string hanging outside the freezer door.

Elf Leaves a Wooden Reindeer

Materials: Wooden Clothespin, Pipecleaners, Notepad.

Sit Elf next to wooden craft materials with a note saying “Can you make a reindeer?”

Pro Tip: This is a great activity that can be done without glue. See how many different ways you can make a reindeer with the materials!

Other Ideas:

Sit the elf next to a colouring book and have him laying down on the colouring book with a marker in his hand.

Draw faces on the eggs in the carton and prop Elf inside the fridge.

Sit Elf under a faucet holding the umbrella over his head.