DIY Amazon Ornament Instructions

DIY Amazon Ornament

Step 1: Fold along score lines and assemble the boxes and envelopes using hot glue. The black packing tape has a peel-off adhesive backing, but will stay more firmly if adhered at the ends using hot glue.

Step 2: Trim down the cotton pads to fit inside the silver twist-off bottom of the ornament – be sure to leave enough space for the bottom to screw back onto the jar. Glue the cotton pads to the center of the silver bottom, stacking to add desired height. This step raises the height of the boxes that will be glued into the center.  

Step 3: Glue the largest box to the center of the bottom (now covered by cotton pads) and then add the remaining boxes and envelopes in desired shape. Be careful to ensure the packages will fit back into the ornament when the bottom is reattached.

A little bit of glue goes a long way – try to make your packages look like they are balanced precariously for more fun!

Step 4: Using a paint brush and liquid craft glue, paint areas where you would like the artificial snow to stick to. This is a great way to cover up the cotton pads as well as any glue that is showing on packages. Be careful not to get the packages wet – the printing may run. Sprinkle some artificial snow onto the wet glue.

Step 5: Once dry, assemble the ornament with the rest of the artificial snow still inside. It will move around like a snow globe. Using hot glue, you may choose to you secure the silver metal trim to the ornament.

Step 6: If desired, wrap the twine around the edge of the silver bottom and secure with hot glue. You may also choose to add a rustic bow to the top of the ornament or replace the silver hanging string with twine.